About Elzinga

The world has changed tremendously since 1860, the year Elzinga was founded by then 28-year-old Hotze Hille Elzinga. One man, one painting business, getting the job done the traditional way while taking pride in his craft. But time does not wait for anybody. Over the past century and a half, the company grew, innovated and renewed continuously, adding new expansions along the way. Despite this, we remain recognizable as a true family business. The addition of new divisions demanded new workshops, extra offices and larger premises. Wonderful and intensive collaborations with many customers emerged, giving birth to a variety of projects that we still passionately work on to this day. We remain committed to our innovative skills, cornering the market in 7 distinct divisions and offering only the best tailor-made craftsmanship. Here's to the future!

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Looking back can be fun, but here at Elzinga, we prefer to look beyond. To new interesting projects, or smart innovations. Want to know more about what's possible within our seven divisions? Get in touch right away!

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